Evaset Baby - Method of evaluation and stimulation of neurodevelopment of Dr. Lelis

Evaset Bebé

Method of evaluation and stimulation of neurodevelopment of Dr. Lelis

This set was made with the purpose of helping parents and children to take care of, attend and understand the neurodevelopment and growth stages of our children.

What is Evaset

It is a neurodevelopmental assessment system for children under 2 years of age. It consists of a Set that contains:
  • A suitcase
  • Elements of stimulation, game and evaluation
  • A pen drive with videos
  • An explanatory book



This set was made with the purpose of helping parents and children to take care of, attend and understand the neurodevelopment and growth stages of our children. very valuable for premature children or with difficulties in the stage of birth.

Understanding the stages of neurodevelopment allows us to grow safely and healthily. It helps us to understand ourselves more and to lead us to a healthy physical, mental and spiritual growth.

This set will help you consult with your pediatrician early if you detect some attitudes that are not appropriate for your child's growth. The set is not diagnostic, it's just a guide.

The set is not a diagnosis of pathologies.

You will find a series of elements to assess the growth month after month from the 30th day of life, to the year of your child's life; in the first part set, and from the year to 24 months of life, in the second part of the set.

It will have instruments to be able to evaluate the visual, the motor, the language and the cognitive of the baby.

A fun way to get to know and understand your child.

How the idea arose

I am a pediatrician from Argentina, and I designed a product so that parents and caregivers of children under 2 years old can know what children do maturationally according to age month to month. This I did based on 20 years of experience as a doctor and based on observation in my office, for several things that happened to me. One of them that the parents of the children came with older ages and with maturity guidelines not fulfilled and assumed that everything was fine, that nobody told them anything, or that they did not consult for many months thinking that the child was fine. Other cases because the parents consulted me out of curiosity and to know more about their child, what the child did or should do in a certain month.

The increase in the incidence of cognitive disorders and the development of children, autism spectrum, immaturity of neurodevelopment and ADHD, makes me mobilize and deepen this issue and make both parents and professionals to be attentive to each stage of neurodevelopment of our children.

When to use the set

It will observe auditory, visual, motor and cognitive AREA.

It is recommended to use when the child meets the corresponding month, once a day and once or twice a week until the tests are correct.

Take it as a game for the child and observe how he learns to know the environment where he is, through different stages that are evolving.

Do it slowly, with time and patience. You can evaluate what you want in 40-50 minutes.

Use the set only when you are going to perform the test. When you do not use it, store it in a safe place.

Terms of use

  • 1. Place the child always in a comfortable position, without hunger, without sleep and with the right climate in the room, without interruptions of other objects such as: tv, radio, another person doing another activity in the same room.
  • 2. The child observes very well at a distance of 25-30 cm distance, between his gaze and the object in question that you want to show. Do not put it too close and do not put it too far.
  • 3. Engage the child's attention at each step, if distracted, return attention to what you want him to do.


To perform the exercises take into account the gestational age of the child at birth.

If your child is premature:

How to calculate the corrected age

To calculate the corrected age of premature babies is done as follows: this is the corrected date of your baby: a full-term pregnancy consists of 40 weeks of gestation.

To determine the number of weeks your baby was premature at birth, subtract from 40 your gestational age at birth. For example, if your child was born in week 28, it was 12 weeks (3 months) premature.

40 - 28 = 12 weeks 12 ÷ 4 = 3 months

The baby will make the maturational guidelines according to their corrected age in case of being premature. that is, a baby born at 28 weeks will behave as 3 months of maturational age, when he is 6 months of chronological age.



You can acquire:

Stage 1: from 0-12 months

Includes the following products:
  • Tela
  • Aro
  • Taza
  • 5 Cubos
  • Pato - Oveja - Vaca
  • Almohadon en U
  • Cascabel
  • Encastre con arbolitos
  • Hoja y croyones
  • Pendrive
  • Libro

Stage 2: from 12-24 months

Includes the following products:
  • Acrílicos
  • Tubos con tapa
  • Bols
  • Palito de madera
  • Figuras
  • Encastre geométrico
  • 10 cubos rojos
  • Elefante
  • Hoja y crayones
  • Pendrive
  • Libro

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About me

Dra. Lelis

Pediatrician Neonatologist

Assistant teacher UBA. MN 99664.
Diploma in Neurodevelopment
Currently doctor of Sanatorium Otamendi y Maternity Suizo Argentina.
Private office.
Work history in Elizalde Hospital, Pirovano Hospital y Sardá Maternity.




    Awarded by Dr. Farag Moussa, Honorary President of the "International Federation of Inventors' Associations and for the" Organization of the Swiss-Egyptian Confraternity ".